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Pictured is the heavy-duty, purpose engineered, self-collapsing lid

seal we use. Many competitors prefer to use an inferior lid seal akin

to a bicycle intertube. Yes, they cost less, but we think you want

your variable capacity tanks to just work, not become a nuisance.

The dependable lid seals Spokane Industries use are the

Best In The Business.

With care they will last for many, many years.

This is a side view of our self-collapsing seal. Note the rectangular,

flat profile. This allows two distinct advantages:


1. The seal relaxes into its flat shape when deflated, allowing the

seal to self-stow into the stainless steel channel for protection.

This assures seal longevity and dependability.


2. The flat, broad face of the sealing surface has a much wider

sealing area compared to a round seal. This provides the best obtainable seal available, ensuring your wine is protected.



This is the One-Touch, Regulated seal inflator control we

employ. Once an air or gas source is attached via a

quick-disconnect fitting, inflating the seal is truly as easy

as operating a light switch. The regulator ensures the seal is

never over-inflated. It also keeps the seal inflated at

the prescribed pressure at all times. In the event of a

misadjustment, an over-inflation relief valve prevents seal or

tank damage.



The lid seal removes easily for cleaning/sanitation. Simply

disconnect the seal air hose from the lid supply line and remove.

The coiled supply line keeps things tidy.



The air supply line is fitted with quick-disconnect fitting for ease

of maintenance.

Our new Ellipse elliptical, variable top, portable fermenter is a

great example of our super lid seal in use. For more information

about this great tank, click on the mini-brochure below.


After all, your wine is at stake! Protect your product with Spokane

Industries Variable Capacity tanks equipped with the best, most

dependable seals in the business!







At Spokane Industries, we set out to innovatively tackle a floor space efficiency issue, and solved the challange of fermentation hot spots along the way! Introducing The Ellipse, an elliptical, portable, variable capacity fermenter that just might be the most perfect wine tank yet conceived! This exciting new design offers custom port locations, fork / pallet jack pockets for easy portability, and is fully jacketed with cooling capabilities second to none! Aerolift stainless steel wine tank new from spokane industries

Other great features are an available electric lid assist, and a super heavy-duty seal with regulated, one-touch inflation control. Available now in sizes ranging from 300 - 800 gallons. Visit the Ellipse webpage for more information!






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