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We have been building aviation fuel products for nearly 30 years. Almost every US Military flightline has several of our products in use on the ramp. Many commercial airlines have discovered the remarkable efficiencies of using the SealVac system. We have bowsers, Sealvacs, and Handifuelers in use with military operators, airlines and FBOs (Fixed Base Operators) throughout the world. The SealVac alone is in use with over 50 different military branches and companies worldwide.
Responding to the United States Air Force’s need for a low-profile bowser that could fit under a fully fueled Boeing B52 bomber, Spokane Industries introduced the low-profile fuel bowser to the military market nearly 25 years ago.  Spokane Industries worked closely with maintenance personnel at Fairchild Air Force base near Spokane to develop a bowser that fulfilled their needs.  The result was a contract that eventually supplied more than a thousand SI bowsers to the Department of Defense.
Building on our fuel bowser experience, Spokane Industries developed the next evolution of fuel drain technology:  The SealVac Vacuum Fuel Drain System.  This patented fuel drain system uses vacuum to attach drain tools directly to the underside of the aircraft fuselage and wing.  This seal eliminates fuel spills and operator exposure to fuel.  Additionally, the system employs vacuum to evacuate fuel from the aircraft tank in a fraction of the time gravity draining requires.  Result:  Aircraft ready for flight sooner, with less environmental damage and a safer work environment.  We are proud of the Sealvac, our signature product. Spokane Industries was recently awarded a Department of Defense contract to supply SealVacs to the US Military for the next five years. Another exciting addition to the family is the SealVac Plus+ model. This system offers the same great benefits as the SealVac, PLUS the ability to filter and reuse the fuel! On the web:  www.sealvac.com
Continuing a heritage of innovative aviation fuel products, Spokane Industries introduced the HandiFueler Ground Support Service Cart for servicing AGE/AGSE in place on the flightline.





The HandiFueler AGE Service Cart is now listed on the GSA Schedule. The GSA Contract Number for 400 and 600 gallon HandiFuelers is: GS-07F-0257U. Contact us to find out how this can streamline your HandiFueler procurement process. Click on GSA logo above to go direct to our GSA Advantage product catalog.




Imagine the ability to filter fuel from the SealVac tank for reuse. One possible use would be recovering fuel for use in AGE/GSE equipment. Click on logo above for more information about SealVac PLUS!