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HandiFueler age/AGSE cART Safety


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Right side view of the HandiFueler AGE Service Cart. Note the service fluid stowage area, and the side steps.
The left side of the HandiFueler AGE Service Cart. This is where the operator controls are located.
Here we can see the fuel nozzle (stowed, left), the control panel with integrated emergency stop switch, the fuel use meter, and the grounding reel. Also notice the tank drain valve located at the bottom left. This is useful for taking fuel samples as well as draining the tank, if needed. Additionally, take note of the two vertical shiny metal tubes. These bearing mounted tubes are additional hose guides to prevent interfering with any other components.
A close-up of the fuel meter. A fuel log stowage location is conveniently located right above the meter.
The rear of the unit. Here we have easy access to the "purple k" fire extinguisher, and a full service spill kit. The fuel mode select valve (fuel/defuel), the electrical box and an aviation grade fuel filter are located here, also.
The service fluid stowage bin. Here, a user can stow cans of oil and hydraulic fluid, and radiator coolant. Though cases/cans will fit, the bin is also designed to hold 5 liter Oil-Safe bottles that are used at some bases. To the left of the photo, we can see the tire service hose, air pressure gauge, and fill port.
Another view of the tire service station, as well as the Optima batteries. These batteries will charge via the onboard charger (spiral gel-cell optimized), or the via the tow vehicle.
A look inside the electrical box. Here are the electrical components, and the sprial gel-cell optimized charger (set at 100-115 VAC, adjustable to 220 VAC). The manual and AFTO 245 stow here also.
A 10 gallon air bottle, maxiumum presure 125 psi. This bottle stores enough air to service one typical AGE tire completely, or several that are low on air.
This is a close-up of the defueling wand stowage tubes (1 flex, and 1 rigid). Removing the nozzle and attaching a wand takes seconds.
The rigid defueling wand, useful for mobility or maintenance prep.
The flex defueling wand, for curved fuel necks.
A close-up shot of the control box. The E-Stop switch immediately cuts all power to the pump.
Betts LED spot lamp, mounted where is useful for AGE servicing, or when swiveled, lighting up the top of the HandiFueler when servicing the tank. The LED draws minimum current from the battery. The cart also has three cabinet lamps mounted unter the hood.
The fill port on the top of the HandiFueler tank. The fill tube is shaped like a "Z" to prevent static buildup from the free-fall of fuel. The port is also padlockable (so is the top manway).
The front of the HandiFueler AGE Service Cart. Note the 7-pin connector mounted on the tow bar. This connector/harness allows the HandiFueler to operate and charge from the Bobtail's electrical system. Also notice the heavy-duty tie down lugs in the event the HandiFueler needs to be mobilized.



The HandiFueler Ground Support Service Cart is an idea that is getting a lot of attention. But, as with any new idea, there may some in your unit resistant to change.
We are experienced: Spokane Industries has experience introducing innovative, time-saving methods to the Air Force.  For example, our SealVac Vacuum Fuel Drain System is a revolutionary method to extract residual fuel from the aircraft for fuel cell maintenance.  Initially, though our method was enthusiastically embraced by the maintainers that were introduced to it, QA, Safety and depot engineers were skeptical of the method’s effectiveness and safety.  It took many months of work by our sales and engineering team to put their concerns to rest, and now the SealVac is providing Fast, Safe, and Clean fuel draining technology to military bases worldwide.  Our difference is the thoughtful, researched, and safety oriented design that goes into our products.
New ideas need a "champion": As with any trail-blazing idea, technical data and safety regulations often do not exist to cover new procedures.  Unfortunately, this can make adoption difficult.  One Air Force base that made a recent purchase justified their HandiFueler as an AFSO21 initiative.  Another convinced their local management to give the idea a try, hoping to cross-tell their experiences to other ACC bases as a “best practice”.  We are confident that once word gets out, this will become the new standard method for servicing AGE/ASGE equipment on the flightline. There is a growing number of HandiFuelers in use in the DoD, Contact Us if you would like references.
Safety First!: We have worked hard to make sure the HandiFueler Ground Support Service Cart is a safe, innovative idea. We started with the base concept:  A cart mounted tank that has provisions to fuel/defuel, and offer other servicing options.  Internal brainstorming sessions defined the basic features of the unit.  Safe operation was always a primary concern at the front of every team-member’s mind.  Then we took our proposal out to the field, speaking with as many potential users as possible, in this case AGE/AGSE technicians from several Western USAF/ANG/Reserve bases.  As you can imagine, the concept was very well received. We collected dozens of additional great ideas for features from the AGE/AGSE troops themselves, many of which were subsequently implemented into the HandiFueler. 
Some of the thoughtful safety features include (get ready, it’s a long list!):
Low profile tank design makes overturning practically impossible, especially at the prescribed 15 MPH max tow speed

Double-walled stainless steel tank to self-contain any possible leaks


Open design of pump platform prevents dangerous buildup of fuel vapors


Lockable top manway and fuel fill port prevents fuel contamination (No crewchiefs dumping used oil into your fuel supply)


Top fill with z shaped internal tube; prevents static buildup from free-fall of fuel


All sealed LED lighting; in addition to low current draw, LED lamps run cool to allow safe operation around fuel vapors


Carbon impregnated fuel hose; prevents static generation and buildup


Emergency kill “E-Stop” button allows complete shutdown of pump in an emergency situation


10 pound “Purple K” fire extinguisher mounted for easy and fast access in an emergency situation


Bonding clamp and cable to equalize static voltage potential between refueler and equipment under service


Aviation grade coalescing filter; removes particulates and water from fuel


Oversized universal spill kit; respond to accidental spills from Handifueler, and the ability to respond to spills from other sources as a “first responder”


Automatic shutoff fuel nozzle (not to be confused with auto-locking nozzle; this “unsafe” feature has been disabled)


Fuel flow is about 12 GPM, very similar to the automotive gas station experience.


Sealed, leakproof Optima batteries provide long run time with full safety in a fueling environment


Metal electrical box, grounded and sealed against vapors and weather


10 gallon air bottle with overpressure protection provides air to the Tire Service Station


Aggressive non-skid material applied to side steps to prevent slipping


Empathy is key: Throughout the design process we put ourselves into the boots of the AGE/AGSE specialist.  Then we talked to as many AGE/AGSE folks as we could to make sure we didn’t miss anything.  We take great pride in knowing that our products make the task easier and safer for military personnel everyday, worldwide.


Contact us! We look forward to proving that the HandiFueler Ground Support Service Cart is a Safe and Effective method to service AGE/AGSE in place on the flightline.


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The HandiFueler Ground Support Service Cart is now listed on the GSA Schedule. The GSA Contract Number for 400 and 600 gallon HandiFuelers is: GS-07F-0257U. Contact us to find out how this can streamline your HandiFueler procurement process. Click on GSA logo above to go direct to our GSA Advantage product catalog.