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We see a great future in BioMass and BioChemical technologies, and if you are reading this, you probably do, too. Our stainless steel fabricating expertise is at your service to design and construct the biomass fermenters, reactors, and digesters, the chemical blending and storage tanks, and any other stainless steel handling equipment you need to be successful in this emerging field. Our vessel sizes range from 100 - 36,000 gallons.

Spokane Industries has been making quality stainless steel tanks, fermenters, and steam jackets, and ASME pressure vessels for over three decades.  With our focus on quality, cost effectiveness and on-time delivery, we can be relied upon to transform your ideas from concept to finished product.  Our specialty is working with the customer to develop custom stainless steel solutions. By partnering with our customers, the ultimate result is a product which meets or exceeds your needs in every way.


Our certifications include ASME, UL, CE, and NBIC.  We employ a fully staffed on-site engineering/drafting department. We have some of the most experienced and well trained stainless steel welders and metal fabricators in the business.  Our quality and craftsmanship is second to none.  Spokane Industries provides the best value for stainless steel solutions in the industry, guaranteed.

Please give us a call when planning your next custom stainless steel BioMass project.  We look forward to sharing your vision of quality and environmental responsibility.


Most quotes can be provided within 48 hours. 


Please contact Ken today for a no obligation quote today:  509-921-8868, or e-mail Ken below.


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an ASME accredited facility.




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Nathan Batson
General Manager, Spokane Metal Products
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Ken Ovnicek
Sales, Wine, BioFuel, and Ag Products
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FAX: 509-927-0826

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