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Government SealVac SYSTEM AND PARTS purchasers: You have come to the right place! You have several options to obtain the fastest, cleanest and safest fuel drain system available:

DoD customers can source the SealVac through Warner-Robins (USAF) contract number FA8533-07-D-0007. This is a depot funded USAF ground service equipment contract. Your equipment custodian can help you order from this contract. Call or e-mail Bob Moore: 509-921-8861 or e-mail for more information.


The SealVac is now available through GSA contract number GS-07F-0257U. We can offer this pricing to authorized purchasers direct, or through GSA Advantage! This is applicable to all Federal, State, and Local agencies that can make purchases through GSA, including agencies that purchase for emergency management. Clicking on the images below will take you directly to the GSA Advantage! product page. To view the complete Spokane Industries SealVac GSA catalog (SealVacs and accessories) click the GSA Advantage! logo below:


Purchase from Spokane Industries directly. This is especially useful if you need tailoring to a custom application or custom colors. We can also work with you to ensure expediant delivery on your timeline. Call or e-mail Bob Moore: 509-921-8861 or bmoore@spokaneindustries.com for a quote today.





SealVac In The News!


Click here to check out these newstories that confirm the value that the SealVac brings to your maintenance operation!





Imagine the ability to filter fuel from the SealVac tank for reuse. One possible use would be recovering fuel for use in AGE/GSE equipment. Click on logo above for more information about SealVac PLUS! SEALVAC PLUS NOW LISTED ON GSA ADVANTAGE!




The USAF Technical Order Library has published the T.O. for the SealVac Vacuum Fuel Drain System. T.O. 37A12-25-1 is available now from your Technical Order Custodian through normal USAF distribution channels. We are sorry, but the USAF will not let us offer it here.




Department of Defense visitors: The SealVac is now available through the Warner-Robins ALC depot equipment procurement program. This means your unit can obtain the latest in fuel draining technology, without expending scarce unit funds! Spokane Industries was awarded an exclusive contract to supply the fastest fuel drain system on earth to the USAF. Contact us or your support equipment manager for more information. Contract Number: FA8533-07-D-0007