The SealVac Vacuum Drain System is the fuel drain solution that everyone is talking about! Fast, Safe, Clean fuel draining! Makes fuel bowsers obsolete!

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Fuel Bowsers for all aircraft


The SealVac is the innovative fuel drain solution that is FASTER, CLEANER, and SAFER than you ever imagined. It is the fuel draining solution that everyone is talking about!

Aircraft perform best in the sky, not sitting in the fuel hangar. The SealVac Vacuum Fuel Drain System reduces maintenance defueling and depuddling times from hours to minutes. Fuel system maintainers can get on with business instead of waiting for tanks to gravity drain.

Typically, gravity draining sumps for fuel cell maintenance takes many hours. During this time, most other types of maintenance cannot be performed due to open fuel tanks. A maintainer has to sit and watch the fuel drain; a productivity hit when manning is short.


SealVac solves this problem. What took many hours can now take minutes! Flow rates of up to 25 GPM have been observed (5 - 10 GPM typical), getting the job done so the sumps can be closed and power applied to the aircraft.


The SealVac Fuel Bowser Fuel Drain System in action


The SealVac Fuel Drain System opens a new chapter in environmentally friendly fuel system maintenance. It is truly an environmentally aware approach to fuel draining. The patented SealVac vacuum plate assembly seals to the aircraft sump, preventing fuel from going anywhere but down the vacuum hose into the holding tank. No more fuel "waterfalls" going onto the ramp.

Proper use of the SealVac system can virtually eliminate fuel spilling during fuel cell drain and depuddling operations. And possible EPA fines that are always a possibility when dealing with a fuel become a non-issue.


Explore this website to learn much more about how the SealVac can save your organization time, and safeguard your personnel. This site contains many photos of the system in action, and other resources to help you build a case for purchase. For your convenience, use the navigation link at the top left of the page.


The SealVac Plus is now GSA listed!




The SealVac Vacuum Fuel Drain System has just received the CE Mark for sale into EU member states. To obtain this mark, we had to prove the SealVac conformed to stringent environmental and safety requirements. Contact us for all the details!


SealVac Contributes To USAF Base Winning SecDef Environmental Award

Fairchild AFB was awarded the 2008 Secretary of Defense Environmental Excellence in Weapon System Acquisition for their environmentally aware efforts basewide. Aircraft maintenance personnel eliminated fuel spills by employing the SealVac system during fuel cell maintenance.


SealVac Plus is GSA listed



Imagine the ability to filter fuel from the SealVac tank for reuse. One possible use would be recovering fuel for use in AGE/GSE equipment. Another would be for removing then recycling fuel for vehicle shipping operations. Click on logo above for more information about SealVac PLUS!


SealVac In The News!


Click here to check out these newstories that confirm the value that the SealVac brings to your maintenance operation!




Spokane Industries GSA


The SealVac and SealVac Plus are now listed on the GSA Schedule. The GSA Contract Number for 200, 400, and 600 gallon SealVacs is: GS-07F-0257U. Contact us to find out how this can streamline your SealVac procurement process. Click on GSA logo above to go direct to GSA SealVac product catalog. Or Click Here to learn more about our GSA SealVac systems.


Department of Defense visitors: The SealVac is now available through the Warner-Robins ALC depot equipment procurement program. This means your unit can obtain the latest in fuel draining technology, without expending scarce unit funds! Spokane Industries was awarded an exclusive contract to supply the fastest fuel drain system on earth to the USAF. Contact us or your support equipment manager for more information. Contract Number:





The USAF Technical Order Library has published the T.O. for the SealVac Vacuum Fuel Drain System. T.O. 37A12-25-1 is available now from your Technical Order Custodian through normal USAF distribution channels. We are sorry, but the USAF will not allow us to offer the T.O. here.


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