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The USAF looked to Spokane Industries to find a better way to drain aircraft fuel cells. We developed the SealVac Vacuum Fuel Drain System to answer their needs. Efficient, fast and safe defueling became the method of choice at Fairchild AFB, using the SealVac system! Click on the document below to read the full story:



When the Royal Australian Air Force needed to perform fuel tank maintenance on C-130 aircraft, they turned to the SealVac Vacuum Fuel Drain System. The Sealvac was one key part of the solution to reduce the defueling job from three days to two hours!!! Click on the document below to read the full story:





Imagine the ability to filter fuel from the SealVac tank for reuse. One possible use would be recovering fuel for use in AGE/GSE equipment. Click on logo above for more information about SealVac PLUS!




If you need support for a legacy Spokane Industries (Spokane Metal Products) Fuel Bowser, please contact us. We continue to support models manufactured under previous Government contracts. Click here to go to the support page.







SealVac is now listed on the GSA Schedule. The GSA Contract Number for 200, 400, and 600 gallon SealVacs is: GS-07F-0257U. Contact us to find out how this can streamline your SealVac procurement process. Click on GSA logo above to go direct to GSA SealVac product catalog.


Department of Defense visitors: The SealVac is now available through the Warner-Robins ALC depot equipment procurement program. This means your unit can obtain the latest in fuel draining technology, without expending scarce unit funds! Spokane Industries was awarded an exclusive contract to supply the fastest fuel drain system on earth to the USAF. Contact us or your support equipment manager for more information. Contract Number: