The SealVac Plus allows organizations to reuse used fuel. The fuel is filtered through an aviation grade filter. the sealvac has an onboard water sump.

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One of our great customers came to us and asked about filtering the fuel that was collected in the SealVac. They wanted to reuse the fuel instead of paying to have it hauled off as a hazardous liquid. Their collected fuel was from a known "good source", and filtering for reuse made great sense. WHY NOT?



The SealVac Plus that resulted from this visionary request is based on our popular SealVac Fuel Drain System. The Plus offers all the same great vacuum fuel drain benefits as before, PLUS the ability to reuse the reclaimed fuel. We included an Aviation Grade filter cartridge, and a water drain sump. The diaphragm pump operates off the same air source that runs the SealVac vacuum generators. The SealVac Plus can even operate in fuel drain vacuum mode AND fuel filtering mode at the same time.



The SealVac Plus idea is great for organizations that either can use reclaimed and filtered fuel in other uses such as ground support equipment, or trust the source to reuse the filtered fuel in an aircraft. Several types of filters can be specified by the customer to serve their particular application for any type of fuel.


One particularly good use would be for logistics units that ship vehicles on a regular basis. Once the diesel fuel is removed from the vehicle tank, it can be filtered and reused in the local vehicle fleet.



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SealVac Plus is can be a very attractive option that can save money and the environment at the same time. It is availble in 200, 400, and 600 gallon sizes. The tank is constructed of stainless steel and is double-walled for environmental security. SealVac Plus is now on our GSA contract. Contact us for more information.





The USAF Technical Order Library has published the T.O. for the SealVac Vacuum Fuel Drain System. T.O. 37A12-25-1 is available now from your Technical Order Custodian through normal USAF distribution channels. We are sorry, but the USAF will not let us offer it here.


The SealVac Plus Vacuum Fuel Drain System has just received the CE Mark for sale into EU member states. To obtain this mark, we had to prove the SealVac conformed to stringent environmental and safety requirements. Contact us for all the details.






The SealVac and SealVac Plus are now listed on the GSA Schedule. The GSA Contract Number for 200, 400, and 600 gallon SealVacs is: GS-07F-0257U. Contact us to find out how this can streamline your SealVac procurement process. Click on GSA logo above to go direct to GSA SealVac product catalog.


Department of Defense visitors: The SealVac is now available through the Warner-Robins ALC depot equipment procurement program. This means your unit can obtain the latest in fuel draining technology, without expending scarce unit funds! Spokane Industries was awarded an exclusive contract to supply the fastest fuel drain system on earth to the USAF. Contact us or your support equipment manager for more information. Contract Number: FA8533-07-D-0007.