Water tanks - stainless steel; Our Quality Assurance team will ensure the very best in Water Tanks

water tank quality assurance


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Quality Assurance


As a manufacturer of top quality product, Spokane Industries employs a comprehensive quality philosophy. Our Metal Products Division is continually pursuing and achieving among the highest standards of quality in the industry. Quality that’s assured by thorough monitoring throughout the manufacturing process.


Every skilled craftsman in our production facility is charged with the responsibility to monitor their own work, and the work of all the steps that come before in the production process. This helps ensure the little things don't get out of hand and can be corrected early. Then, a thorough inspection is performed before the finished product is released for shipment.


If one of our products should fail to perform as expected, we pledge to work closely with the customer to make things right. After all, this is the way we would want to be treated. We approach each and every job as a partnership between us and the customer.


Only a truly quality product can support the vision that