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Stainless Steel Wine FERMENTER gallery


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Our new Ellipse elliptical wine fermenter. This picture displays the space-saving shape well.
Two Spokane Industries tanks with iced up jackets at a winery in Maryhill, Washington.
We work with our suppliers to provide a wide variety of manways to our customers, however, we also manufacture one ourselves. This Spokane Industries Vault Door manway is a bit more expensive, but if long term, real-world durability is what you are looking for, this manway is it.
When you purchase tanks from Spokane Industries, you can be sure we will stand behind our product. Here, Nate Batson and Ken Ovnicek confer with some Oregon customers about their tank satisfaction.
Great tanks, nice day. Looking good!
A new installation of SI tanks in Mattawa, Washington.
One of our new AeroLift models made for a Napa, California winery. This new tank has a gas assisted lid lift to minimize punchdown labor. The AeroLift can be customized just like any of our other tanks.
Loading a tank to go.
A nice day in Lodi, California. Some SI 36,000 gallon wine tanks.
Closeup of cooling jacket welding. Note the extremely clean and even weld. We have some of the best welders in the industry.
Welding a tank seam. Our welders do some of the very best stainless welding you will ever see. They truly have the art down to a science!
Spokane Industries wine tanks installed in Mattawa, Washington.
Spokane Industries tanks sharing the floor with some barrels. At a facility in Red Mountain, Washington.
Giants in the sun. 36,000 Spokane Industry tanks at Grandview, Washington.
Pad mounted SI tanks in Grandview, Washinton. We can accomodate pad mounts, legs, stands, portable, or any other support method you can dream up! Contact us and we can show you what we can build for you!
A large collection of Spokane Industries tanks in Prosser, Washington.
A small, portable, stackable tank from Spokane Industries. Note the fork-lift pockets.
Spokane Industries tanks installed at a large facility in Red Mountain, Washington.
SI tanks producing wine in Grandview, Washington.
SI tanks with the SI Vault Door manway.
36,000 gallon tanks at a large custom crush facility in Grandview, Washington. Note that these tanks are concrete pad mounted, a popular option for large sized tanks.
SI tanks with a removable lid system. Red Mountain, Washington.
A closeup of a tank cooling jacket.
Displayed here is the fork lift pockets, manway, ports, seal controller, and optional thermometer on the Ellipse ellipical wine tank.
The Ellipse offers industry-leading temperature control with space-saving portability. Shown here at Latah Creek Winery, Spokane, Washington.
The Ellipse was named one of Unified 2010's Coolest New Products by Wine Business Monthly magazine. For reference, this is a 410 gallon capacity tank.
Our portable tanks can be fitted with fork-lift pockets. The pockets are also spaced to allow pallet-jacks to be used.
Some customers asked that their tank be fitted with optional, removable steps to assist punchdowns. These aluminum steps are sturdy, yet weigh only 18 pounds.
These Spokane Industries tanks are installed in Mattawa, Washington.
An installation of Spokane Industries tanks at a large Lodi, California winery.
Cooling jackets reflecting the winter sun in Mattawa, Washington.
An installation of Spokane Industries tanks at a large Mattawa, Washington custom crush facility.





At Spokane Industries, we set out to innovatively tackle a floor space efficiency issue, and solved the challange of fermentation hot spots along the way! Introducing the Ellipse, an elliptical, portable, variable capacity fermenter that just might be the most perfect wine tank yet conceived! This exciting new design offers custom port locations, fork / pallet jack pockets for easy portability, and is fully jacketed with cooling capabilities second to none!

Aerolift stainless steel wine tank new from spokane industries

Other great features are an available electric lid assist, and a super heavy-duty seal with regulated, one-touch inflation control. Available now in sizes ranging from 300 - 800 gallons. Visit the Ellipse webpage for more information!






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