Spokane Industries crafts the finest stainless steel wine TANKS and custom FERMENTERS.

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Stainless Steel Wine Tanks AND FERMENTERS; DISTILLERY FERMENTERS AND MASH TUNS, from spokane industries, family owned and operated since 1952.


SPOKANE INDUSTRIES has been making quality stainless wine tanks, distillery tanks, and fermenters for decades.  With our focus on quality, cost effectiveness and on-time delivery, we can be relied upon to transform your ideas from concept to finished product. stainless steel wine tanks at col solare washington   Hundreds of wineries have entrusted us to supply reliable wine tanks for their successful businesses.  We look forward to supplying yours. We offer custom crafted Storage Tanks, Fermenters, Jacketed Tanks, Open Top Tanks, Floating Top Tanks, Stackable Tanks, Portable or Fork Liftable Tanks, and now the exciting new Ellipse elliptical wine fermenter.

We are an ASME and NBIC accredited facility.  We have some of the most experienced and well trained stainless steel welders and metal fabricators in the business.  Our wine tank quality and craftsmanship is second to none.  Spokane Industries provides the best value for wine fermenters in the industry, guaranteed.

With our Stainless Steel Wine Tanks, we truly make it our goal to ensure your complete satisfaction.  Check out our “recent stainless tank customers” list and talk to one or two of our customers.  Find out why our winery customers come back to us year after year.  We always welcome the opportunity to explospokane industries stainless steel wine tanksre new features and market demands that you may have.  By partnering with our customers, the ultimate result is a product which meets your needs in every way. 


Please give us a call when planning your next Wine Tank purchase.  We look forward to sharing your vision of quality beginning with the quote and finishing with yet another winemaking masterpiece. 


Most wine tank quotes can be provided within 48 hours. 


Visit our online quote request page or contact Ken Ovnicek today for a no obligation wine tank quote today:  509-921-8868.



Spokane Industries is

an ASME accedited facility.




At Spokane Industries, we set out to innovatively tackle a floor space efficiency issue, and solved the challange of fermentation hot spots along the way! Introducing The Ellipse, an elliptical, portable, variable capacity fermenter that just might be the most perfect wine tank yet conceived! This exciting new design offers custom port locations, fork / pallet jack pockets for easy portability, and is fully jacketed with cooling capabilities second to none! Aerolift stainless steel wine tank new from spokane industriesOther great features are an available electric lid assist, and a super heavy-duty seal with regulated, one-touch inflation control. Available now in sizes ranging from 300 - 800 gallons. Visit the Ellipse webpage for more information!


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